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7 Reasons to Deliver More Presentations

7. It gives you an edge over your competitors or coworkers.

6. The one who presents often comes across as having more authority and expertise.

5. Presentations are the fast track to making deals. Why talk with 1 customer when you can present to 10 or 20 or 100 at the same time?

4. Presentations will make you more famous inside your industry and/or company.

3. The more you deliver your presentation(s), the more you will internalize the contents, the more you will be highly knowledgeable about your area of work, the more your audience can trust that you know what you’re talking about.

2. Every time you deliver a presentation, you kick your fear to the curb and feel great. (Only those who deliver know what I’m talking about.)

1.  Presenting is the highest level of communication. You cannot know who you truly are until you present more.

Make today the day you schedule a presentation!

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3 Little-Known Presentations Secrets of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Presentation












1. Steve Jobs presented (almost) all his famous presentations in front of his employees and fans.

There is no easier way to win over an audience. An audience that already likes, trust and respects you will cheer you on. And this kind of audience will also more easily persuade newcomers. Key point: Connect with your audience before your presentation. Get them to like and trust you.


2. Steve Jobs was a master of combining OFS.

Several years ago, I uncovered The OFS Method™. OFS stands for Opinions, Facts, Stories. Unlike others in his industry who mainly focus on facts, Steve Jobs was a true master of combining and connecting opinions, facts and stories. Key point: Balance OFS!


3. Steve Jobs conveyed trust by being sincere.

How many times did he indirectly attack competitors? (except for Flash, he was very direct in that case) He was always sincere. He talked straight. For one simple reason: He wanted Apple users to get the biggest benefits. He truly cared. That kind of behavior builds trust and created his fans (and some haters too). Key Point: Be sincere. Build trust with your audience.

Have a look at some of Steve Jobs funniest presentation moments:

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