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7 Reasons to Deliver More Presentations

7. It gives you an edge over your competitors or coworkers.

6. The one who presents often comes across as having more authority and expertise.

5. Presentations are the fast track to making deals. Why talk with 1 customer when you can present to 10 or 20 or 100 at the same time?

4. Presentations will make you more famous inside your industry and/or company.

3. The more you deliver your presentation(s), the more you will internalize the contents, the more you will be highly knowledgeable about your area of work, the more your audience can trust that you know what you’re talking about.

2. Every time you deliver a presentation, you kick your fear to the curb and feel great. (Only those who deliver know what I’m talking about.)

1.  Presenting is the highest level of communication. You cannot know who you truly are until you present more.

Make today the day you schedule a presentation!

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The Key to Success

Quote - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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When good enough is good enough

Good enough













Many creators are their own harshest critics.

They don’t get ideas out until they’re absolutely perfect.

Hence, they sometimes wait forever or are sometimes taken over by a competitor who is simply faster to market.

If you feel that you are this kind of “perfectionist” (and I myself have been for many years, but am getting better), here are three tips that have worked for me:


1. When you create something, do NOT edit/criticize yourself

This is a habit from school and it’s the habit creators have to free themselves from. Give yourself permission to do this with the knowledge that when you’re almost done, you may critic yourself as much as you like.

When you create something you want to get into a state a friend of mine calls “freeasy” (free + easy). That’s the ideal state to be in to create!


2. Get a super-critic on your team

This is something I learned while writing my first book Presentation Latte. Everyone who got the book early loved it. Except for one friend. He had a long list of critical comments to share with me. Funny thing was that we were just to meet for a casual lunch. Boy, I can’t forget that lunch.

Ever since that meeting, I call people like him super-critics.

And yes, I believe you should have one or maybe two super-critics on your team. They will often give you a different perspective and some great tips.

Only, keep in mind not to let their criticism stop you!


3. Good enough is good enough

If most people who you tested your creation on, like it…

And you changed some things based on the feedback of your super-critic…

Get your creation out!

You’ve done enough. Most people like it. Now it’s time for the market.

Microsoft didn’t bring out a perfect Windows from the start (many argue it’s still not perfect).

So enough testing already.  When you feel it’s good enough, it’s good enough.


© Copyright 2013 Ben A. Ratje All Rights Reserved

photo credit: mikecogh via photopin cc

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