5 Basic Tools Every Creator Needs

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What basic tools do you need to create anything? (new product/service, new presentation, new business, new system, etc.)

Here are my personal top 5:

1. Color Pens & Yellow-Sheet Notepad

Doesn’t work without. Either for writing or drawing, it’s needed. Alternatively Samsung Note 2 or the Apple iPad will also do. But I still prefer writing/drawing on paper. Especially for brainstorming.

2. Color post-its

Absolute necessity! Brainstorming should lead to quantity of ideas. But shortly after choosing the best ideas and more importantly structuring and organizing parts of the idea, execution must follow. And there is simply no better (and fun) way to move ideas around like post-its.


3. Brainstorm Buddy

A Brainstorming Buddy is someone who you can call up or meet anytime when you need to get some perspective or new ideas. You HAVE TO have at least one brainstorming buddy! I have multiple for different types of ideas and business and I recommend you do the same.


4. Brain Block Getaway

If you are a creator, you’ve been there: BRAIN BLOCK! When nothing is going. Nothing is working. At all. For author’s it’s called writer’s block. But I think we should for the sake of creators generalize it as BRAIN BLOCK.

How to overcome it? To options usually: Attack or retreat. Attack means you lock yourself into a room and don’t leave until the job is done. (sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t). Second option is to get away. To a space totally unrelated with the date. It basically means getting out. To check out some stores, work on something else, play your favorite sports, grab an unrelated magazine or book or get a caramel macchiato at your favorite coffee shop.


5. Music

I’m a big believer that music is absolutely essential to creation. I know there are some people who say you can focus better in the quiet, but I yet have to find creators who don’t use music during at least some part of their creation. A friend of mine who is a successful fashion designer is unable to design new clothes at all without her music. Sometimes it’s uplifting and (in her case especially) sometimes it’s super-sad music, but either way it works.

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