Do you need an Apple Notebook to be innovative?

The unthinkable happened last year to me…

After one of my innovation seminars, one of the participants came up and asked me an interesting question:

“Ben, today was great. But how come that you as an innovation trainer, don’t have an Apple Notebook like Mac Air?” (I had a Samsung notebook at that time)

Very interesting question!

Actually at that time I didn’t know how to response: LAUGHTER or SHOCK?!

(How would YOU have responded?)

Somehow he was right: the world does believe that Apple Notebooks are for the creative person (= equals if you don’t own an Apple you’re not that creative).

And who can say something against that?

Designers pretty much HAVE to use a Mac, and we think these are creative folk, which they often are. Also, we see most DJs using a Mac (at least in movies), again creative people using it. Many slide designers use ‘Keynote software’, which is Apple exclusive, to create more stunning slides.

No wonder the world believes you must own an Apple notebook to look creative.

But here’s my thinking behind it: Unless you really require the Apple software for your work (i.e. graphic designers), you really don’t need anything from Apple to be creative.

“Ideas”, the core of creativity and innovation, doesn’t come from Apple, it comes from YOU!

One of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, Richard Branson, uses to my knowledge no digital notebook at all to come up with his ideas for new business. He goes once a year to his island Nekka Island with a basic notebook (the one made with paper) and jots down his ideas while being surrounded by the beach and the sound of the ocean.

So, it doesn’t matter what notebook you have: Apple, LG, Samsung, HP, paper, etc. all work.

Instead of asking yourself: “What notebook (or other cool tool) makes me more innovative?”, ask yourself “Which great idea can I come up with and bring to market?”

Now that’s the question of truly innovative people!

P.S. This was written from my new LG XNote notebook. (I absolutely LOVE it!!!)

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