How can you create the ultimate TED talk?

= How can you deliver the ultimate presentation at (the world-famous conference of the greatest thinkers and leaders)?

That’s a question Sebastian Wernicke gives us an answer to in his highly fun and exciting presentation. Have a look for yourself:

Great things about his presentation:

Passion/Humor: His excitement and fun about the topic jumps over to us.

Surprise: He shocks with interesting facts of what makes a great talk.

Facts/Examples: He gives lots of examples based on actual research (his comparisons of good-bad examples are simply terrific).

Structure: He focuses on 3 key points – topic, delivery, visuals.

Things he “could” improve:

Participation: If he involved some audience member, it could be even more fun.

Slide Clicker: He should practice using the slide clicker in a more natural way (or if the clicker’s size is the problem, change to a small clicker).

To your presentation success,

Ben A. Ratje

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